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I Remembered I Have Free Will (festival release)
Makeup Artist

A collection of stills from the film, behind the scenes and on set photos for the film. I worked alongside Key Makeup Artist, Maria Stocker who designed each look, to execute her vision for the characters Alva, The Narcisst, The Red Flag, Sudoku Guy, and touch ups and continuity work on Feli and Raya. Cast and Crew Credits with instagram handles: Cast Raya: Christina Thanos @christinasabbia Feli: Vianca Camila Perez @viancapb Alva: Kiara Pace @kiara_ailene The Psychic: Nia Rose @niaarosee The Sudoku Guy: August Broos @augustbroos The Soft Boy: Mason Kelly @imasonkelly The Narcissist: Kimberly Borrero @itskim.b The Bookish Boy: Dylan Lorenzo @dylanlorz The Red Flag: Kitty Lever @kittylever Narrator: Julie Porlein Crew Written & directed by: Miriam Lena Haspel @miriamlenahaspel Styling: Miriam Lena Haspel @miriamlenahaspel, Isabella Rusz @isa_eliass DP: Anneka Bunnag @anneka.photo_ 1.AC: Trevor Brenden @trevorbrenden 2.AC: Filip Cvetkovic @1986ph Gaffer: Aaron Hu @_aaronhu_, Kaashvi Agarwal @kaashvi_agarwal Sound: Finn Hamre-Myers @finn_thm, Kaashvi Agarwal @kaashvi_agarwal Production Design: Miriam Lena Haspel @miriamlenahaspel Set Dresser: Enora Floch @enoraflochliva Hair Stylist: April Andreu @april.andreu Hair Assistant: Misha Mclea @mi__sha Makeup: Maria Stocker @mstockermakeup, Julia Morgan Fox @juliamorganfoxmakeup Wardrobe: Niamh Boyle @niamh.mb, Francesca Caporali @fraancio Set Photography: Vasilis Sakkos @vasiliarts, Hannah Kim @thehannahkim 1.AD: Gabriel Rodriguez-Fuller @veritablepictures PA: Claire Martin @clairavaux Runner: Niels Cremer @niels.cremer Catering: Lavanya Vinyaka @i._was._here._ Post Editor: Pia Mozet @piamzt Music: Laura Adama @adama.jllh Sound Design: Cäcilie Willkommen @zile_2501, Freya Siewert @freya_swt Color Grading: Johannes Heller @helleronearth Graphics: Henry Boebst @ongrih VFX: Valentin Bolte @valaentin_

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