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Pruning (post production)
Makeup and Hair Artist

"Pruning" is a short film co-created by Anto Astudillo and Kelley Van Dilla. The film follows Polo in their day-to-day life while they navigate medically transitioning, looking for work, and living alone in a lonely city. Though they find caring for plants easier than caring for themselves, an elder wise woman, Tia Silvia, constantly checks in on them and helps them on their journey. Every night Polo has the same dream: that they're slowly turning into a being made of plants. ​ "Pruning" Production Crew: Directors-Writers: Kelley Van Dilla (she/they) and Anto Astudillo (they/them) Costume sculptor & Special effects artist: Annie Temmink (she/her) Production Coordinator / Producer: Claudia Carrasco (she/her) Camera-DP: Ned Gaynor (they/them) 2nd Camera and AC: Ashika Kuruvilla (they/them) Make-up Artist: Julia Morgan Fox (she/they) Sound & Boom Op: Iman "King" Carter (they/them) Lighting & grip: Vander (he/him) Pre-production coordinator and storyboard: Lupe Campos (they/them) PA & BTS: Ari Smith (they/them) PA & Kraft Services: Kendall Burger (she/her) “Pruning” Cast: Anto Astudillo (they/them) Silvia Fernandez-Stein (she/her) Kelley Van Dilla (she/they) Mecha (she/her)

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